Drugs & Alcohol policy

The Drugs and Alcohol policy at Robinson India provides a comprehensive framework aimed at promoting a safe working environment to all employees and upholds the company’s ethos and values with its customers and other stakeholders.

Consistent with this belief, Robinson India shall not permit the following while at the workplace:

  • Possessing, using or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and psychotropic substances, while at work.
  • Consumption of alcohol within the office premises or place of work and / or during working hours.
  • Chewing of tobacco, gutka, pan masala and /or smoking cigarettes / bidis within office premises or the place of work In connection to the above policy, every individual shall abide by all the legal requirements that apply at the workplace.

The plant head and site in-charge should:-

  • Ensure that all the employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace are informed of the policy, their individual responsibilities and the consequences of policy breaches.
  • Ensure employees are educated about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and the inherent dangers of consuming alcohol and drugs in the workplace.
  • Motivate employees who have an alcohol / drug problem to seek assistance, while maintaining confidentiality about such cases.
  • Support rehabilitation and return to work of employees who have overcome problems with drug and/or alcohol dependency.