Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction where dissolved ions are removed from solution and replaced with other ions of the same or similar electrical charge. Not a chemical reactant in and of itself, Ion Exchange resin is instead a physical medium that facilitates ion exchange reactions. The resin itself is composed of organic polymers that form a network of hydrocarbons. Throughout the polymer matrix are ion exchange sites, where so-called “functional groups” of either positively-charged ions (cations) or negatively-charged ions (anions) are affixed to the polymer network. These functional groups readily attract ions of an opposing charge.

We supply Ion Exchange Resins for Demineralization Plants , Water Softeners & Waste water treatment plants. There are many types of Ion Exchange Resins like Cation, Anion, Softener Resin, Super Charge Resin Etc.

ion exchange resin
ion exchange resin

Types of Ion Exchange Resins

A wide selection of ion exchange resins are available in various particle sizes, ionic forms, and purity ranges to offer a variety of purification solutions for process applications.

Anion Resin
Anion Resin

Anion Resin for DM Plant

Anion exchange resins will release hydroxyl (OH-) ions or other negatively charged ions in exchange for impure anions present in the water.

Cation Resin
Cation Resin

Cation Resin for DM Plant

Cation exchange resins will release Hydrogen (H+) ions or other positively charged ions in exchange for impure cation present in the water.

Super Charge Resin
Super Charge Resin

Super Charge Resin

Supercharged resins are ion exchange resins used for high purity water. They are organic polymers that carry positive and negative charge on them and exchange ions in the encircled solution.

Softener Resin
Softener Resin

Water Softener Resin

Water softener resin is a polymer. Polymers consist of a resin and hardener. Mixing these two components in different amounts during the manufacturing process results in resins that have different “cross link” percentages.

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