RO Antiscalant Chemical

RO Antiscalant Chemicals are used to control the scale formation inside the reverse osmosis membranes. It provides longer runtimes & extended life of membrane element resulting in reduced operational & maintenance costs.

Antiscalant chemical is used as pretreatment water additive which is feed into the main input stream of the RO plant with the help of Antiscalant Dosing pump. This pump injects antiscalant chemical drop by drop.

Antiscalant chemicals extends the time period of membrane cleanings by few weeks to years in some cases. Running Industrial RO Plants without antiscalant chemical reduces the membrane life , as micronic pores of the membrane get clogged by scales of mineral deposits such as calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, silica, calcium fluoride, and strontium sulfate.

Robinson India manufactures wide varities of RO antiscalant chemicals to tackle the hard water problems, specifically hardness salts and the formation of scale across a wide range of commercial, industrial and process environments.

RO Antiscalant Chemical

Benefits of using RO Antiscalant chemical

  1. Scale building minerals are controlled & breaked before entering into membrane element.
  2. Enhance membrane service life.
  3. Reduce operational & capital costs.
  4. Higer recovery rates & salts rejections.

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