Rain water Harvesting Solution for your home

Rainwater harvesting is process of collecting rain water from the rooftops surface and store in order to use it for later use. The collected water is stored in tanks placed underground. Rainwater harvesting is not rocket science, it is as simple as collecting rainwater in tub.

Climate change, population growth, and rapid industrialization are has increased stress on the supply fresh drinking water. so why dont take advantage of this natural resource of water ( rain ) & harvest it.

The collection of rainwater is known by many names throughout the world. It ranges from rainwater collection to rainwater harvesting to rainwater catchment. In addition, terms such as roofwater collection or rooftop water collection is also used in other countries.

We provide all types of rain water harvesting solutions at your doorstep , so contact us & start harvesting today.

Rain Water Harvesting Solution

Why Rainwater Harvesting is important

To replace a substantial portion of your water needs.

Rainwater harvesting is important for several reasons but one of the biggest is the fact that we are tapping out water conservation gains inside our homes so we need to start looking outdoors for more opportunities. Other Benifits are as mentioned below :

reduced water bill icon

Reduced Water Bills

Rainwater harvesting systems are cost-effective, provide high-quality water, lessens dependence on wells and are considerably easy to maintain since they are not utilized for drinking, cooking or other sensitive uses.

Ecological Benefits

Ecological benefit

Storing water underground is environment-friendly. No land is wasted for storage purpose and no population displacement is implicated therefore, groundwater is not directly exposed to evaporation and pollution. Additionally, it helps minimize the possibility of rivers drying up.

reduced soil erosion

Reduces erosion

It reduces soil erosion and flood hazards by collecting rainwater and reducing the flow of stormwater to prevent urban flooding.

Reduced water demand

Reduces demand on Ground Water

Another vital benefit is that it increases the productivity of aquifer resulting in the rise of groundwater levels and reduces the need for potable water. It is extremely essential, particularly in areas with low water levels.


An adequate means for Irrigation purpose

Harvesting rainwater allows the collection of large amounts of water and mitigates the effects of drought. Most rooftops provide the necessary platform for collecting water. Rainwater is mostly free from harmful chemicals, which makes it suitable for irrigation purposes.

Types of Rain Water Harvesting Solution

There are two major types of rain water harvesting solutions.

rooftop rainwater harvesting

Surface runoff Rain water harvesting solution

In this method, rainwater flows away as surface runoff and can be stored for future use. Surface water can be stored by diverting the flow of small creeks and streams into reservoirs on the surface or underground. It can provide water for farming, for cattle and also for general domestic use. Surface runoff harvesting is most suitable in urban areas.
Rooftop rain water harvesting solution runoff can be harvested in urban areas through:

  • Recharge Pit
  • Recharge Trench
  • Tubewell
  • Recharge Well
Groundwater Recharge

Groundwater recharge rain water harvesting solution

Groundwater recharge is a hydrologic process where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater. Recharge is the primary method through which water enters an aquifer. The aquifer also serves as a distribution system. The surplus rainwater can then be used to recharge groundwater aquifer through artificial recharge techniques.
Rain water harvesting solutions for recharging groundwater in rural areas can be implemented through:

  • Gully Plug
  • Contour Bund
  • Dugwell Recharge
  • Percolation Tank
  • Check Dam/Cement Plug/Nala Bund
  • Recharge Shaft

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