Industrial RO Plant | Reverse Osmosis Systems

We manufactures commercial & Industrial RO Plant of wide ranges from 250 LPH to 50,000 LPH Capacity. RO plant manufactured by us utilizes best quality parts available in the market, which are highly appreciated by our clients for the exclusive designs, performance and long service life.

We have been supplying Commercial RO Plant services all over the India. Our client list contains high profile corporate enterprises including oil, gas, construction & automobile industries.

Industrial RO Plant
Industrial Reverse Osmosis system

Advance Technologies used in our Industrial RO Plant

We use all the latest available technologies in our Industrial RO Plants to beat our competitors.

Fully Automatic Control Panel

Automatic RO Control Panel

Our RO Plants are equipped with fully automatic lcd control panels which handles all the tasks like backflush, overload trip, dry run etc.

Ultra Voilet ( UV ) Sterilizers

RO UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizers are used in industrial RO Plants to ensure bacteria & virus free product water.

Quality Carbon & Sand media

Carbon & Sand media

High quality carbon & Sand removes fine grains of dust, algae & makes water colorless and odorless.

Branded RO Membranes

Industrial RO Plant Membranes

We always use high quality & branded Commercial RO Plant membranes which ensures longer life & reliability.

Ultra Micron filters

Industrial RO Water filters

High Quality micron filters are used in our RO Plants to remove fine impurities from the water.

Antiscalant Dosing systems

RO Antiscalant dosing systems

RO Antiscalant dosing system are used to inhibit the scales formation in RO Membrane to ensure longer membrane life.

Types of Commercial RO Plants available

Industrial RO Plant 1000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 1000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 5000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 5000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 10000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 10000 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 250 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 250 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 500 LPH

Industrial RO Plant 500 LPH

Stainless Steel SS RO Plant

Full SS RO Plant

Applications of Industrial RO Plants | Reverse Osmosis systems

RO Plants are majorly used in desalination of brackish water and purification of water for pharmaceutical, Electronic, chemical & energy production industries. It is the technology used to produce desalinated water from brackish or sea water. Just as in ultra filtration The water is passed through a semipermeable membrane with high pressure, the smaller water molecules get easily passed through the membrane while the bigger molecules of salts get stuck.

Below are some applications of Industrial Reverse osmosis systems :

  1. Desalination of Brackish water or sea water : The TDS Value of water recommended by WHO for drinking purposes is less than < 500 PPM. If the TDS of ground water or Raw water is higher than 500 PPM , then Reverse Osmosis RO Plant is used in such situations to reduce the salt levels lower than 500 MG/ltr.
  2. To produce Ultra-purified water : Ultra pure water is required in various various industries for producing quality products & chemicals. For example : It can be used to clean other machinery, process parts, produce consumables, wash out packaging before products are inserted and more.
  3. In Pharmaceutical Industries : This sector uses water & produces waste water at high volumes. This is because a large amount of chemicals are used in the production of medicines for human & animals. This waste water needs to be treated with Reverse osmosis to reuse it back in to production system. Because this waste water if discharged in to the drain can be a high risk for the humans & environment.
  4. In Automobile Industry : Water is main factor in automobile industry for washing, maintaining & manufacturing the vehicle. The parts are finely cut , polished , paint done by the Reverse osmosis purified water. Then, this waste water is again recirculated by RO Plants to reduce the water costs.
  5. In Agriculture Industry : The dairy and agriculture sector is heavily regulated for hygiene standards. This is due to the strict disease control and the volume of produce that’s used as food such as milk or eggs. Water is also used as part of the growth and management of crops, the cleaning and sterilizing of farm equipment and the cooling and storage of fresh produce.

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