Ultrafiltration Plant ( UF )

Ultrafiltration Plant (UF) is used to separate micro organic molecules and colloids from water with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This system can be used as pre-treatment to DM plant & RO Plant. Ultrafiltration Plant requires less pressure in comparison to reverse osmosis, thats why it is preferred by several applications nowadays.

Ultrafiltration membranes has larger pores & higher permeability with less osmotic effects that allows ultrafiltration to operate at relatively lower pressure than nanofiltration and reverse osmosis and is therefore it is least costly to operate in longer run.

We have manufactured & supplied ultrafiltration water systems to a large number of industries who delivers quality products. Our UF plants are build with hollow fiber outside-in membranes, up to 100 m3/h, to purify surface or groundwater from debris, colloids and all kind of micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, germs and larvae.

Ultrafiltration Plant

Benifits of Ultrafiltration Systems

In some applications ultrafiltration is more beneficial & cost reliable as compared to conventional Reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Some of the advantages of ultrafiltration systems are as mentioned below.

  • Needs low operating pressures are compared to RO.
  • Less power consumption in comparison to RO.
  • Fully Automatic & less human intervention required.
  • Cost effective than micro or nano filtration.
  • Good permeate yield depending on the supply water and membrane choice;
  • Removal of bacteria, colloids & algae from the water allows disinfection to a extent.
  • Consistently treated water quality irrespective of changes in feed water quality

Applications of ultrafiltration Plant

UF is extremely suitable as pre-treatment in the preparation of drinking water or process water. It has excellent properties for removing suspended matter and bacteria. Further, UF is implemented in the:

  • Purification of surface and well water for potable applications.
  • Filtration of industrial water.
  • Metal industry (oil/water emulsion separation).
  • Textile industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Chemicals industry.

UF is also used as:

  • As pre-treatment for nano-filtration of reverse osmosis.
  • For applications involving re-use of wastewater flows.

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