Demineralization Plant | DM Plant

DM Plant is also known as Demineralization plant. It works on the operating principles of ion-exchange to remove the dissolved mineral ions like sodium, magnesium, calcium etc from the water. DM water plant has 3 vessels namely cation exchanger, anion exchanger & Mix-Bed ( Super charge ) vessel.

When the water gets passed from these three vessels it becomes ion free. As the cations get exchanged with hydrogen ions in first bed, the anions are exchanged with hydroxyl ions, in the second one. The resultant water is chloride free having zero TDS & Zero conductivity. This water is called Demineralised water or Deionized water.

We manufactures Demineralization (DM) Plants of wide ranges from smallest 100 LPH to industrial grade 50,000 LPH capacity for the industries need chloride free water for their operations.

Demineralization Plant | DM Plant

Types of Demineralization Plant | DM plant

DM Plant

DM Plant without Mix-Bed

This DM Plant doesn’t contain the third vessel namely Anion-Cation exchanger ( Mix-bed ). DM Plant without mix-beds are cost effective & requires less efforts in regeneration. These units are suitable for the industries which have no concern over little amount of chloride in product water.

DM Plant mixbed

DM Plant with Mix-Bed

To achieve Zero TDS chloride free demineralised water an additional vessel is incorporated into the system named Mix-Bed or MB unit. It removes fine amount of chloride present in the water. This DM Plant is expensive & suitable for the industries who require 0 TDS chloride free water for their operations.

Demineralization | DM Plant & Its Applications

DM Plants are used in majority of applications & industries which used Demineralised water to serve its purpose like Boiler feed water, Textile, Chemicals, Swimming pools, automobile, Batteries & fertilizers.

Robinson India Offers Demineralization DM plants of all sizes and capacities manufactured through advanced processes & keeping industry standard in mind. DM Plant manufactured by us are highly demanded in various industries. We have an 15+ Years of experience in Manufacturing & designing of DM Water Plants.

The Applications of Demineralization ( DM ) Plant are :

  • In Cosmetics Industry : Cosmetics products are manufactured in Demineralised water to increase product quality & reduce the risks & impacts of salts on the skin.
  • In Automobile Industry : DM Water is used in automobile batteries to ensure longer battery service life. The ions present in the normal water degrades the internal lead plates of the battery.
  • In Boiler Applications : In boiler DM Water is used because it doesn’t leave any residue & Scale formations inside the boiler.
  • In Laboratory Applications : DM water is used laboratories during experimenting with various chemicals , as ions present in the normal water tend to modify the results & reaction can happen abnormally.

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