Effluent Treatment Plant | ETP

Effluent treatment Plant ( ETP ) is used to treat and remove the pollutants, organic & inorganic compounds, toxic chemicals, dirt, slit, debris found in the industry effluent.

Effluent is generated by many pharmaceutical & chemical industries which need to be treated before discharging it into the environment as it will contaminate the natural water bodies. In worst cases you have to face the hefty penalties imposed by the state government.

we manufactures & install customized Effluent treatment Plants ( ETP ) of wide ranges for various industries from 15KLD to 1000KLD capacity. Our Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) are design in such a way that it occupies very less space & Energy Efficient. The up-gradation, modification in the existing ETP system is possible to achieve desired limiting standard laid down by the Pollution Control Board (PCB).

Effluent Treatment Plant | ETP

Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP ) and its Operating Principle

Effluent Treatment Plant Block Diagram

Effluent treatment plants are used to purify the industrial waste water before disposing it to the environment. Different industries have different types of waste waters so their Effluent Treatment plants are also slightly different, but basic procedure is same as mentioned below:

Screen Chamber : Screen chamber in ETP consists of a screen with openings of uniform size to remove large solids such as plastics, cloth etc, Generally maximum 10 MM is used. Screen Chamber relatively avoid large solids from entering into the system as it can clog the internal equipment & hydraulic system.

Grit Removal Tank : Grit or Sedimentation Tank is used to remove the suspended solids from the water by using gravity. The water is kept in this tank for some time & then passed to the equalization tank.

Equalization tank : In Equalization tank the Effluent is kept mixing for 8 to 12 hours in this way the mixture gets neutralized. Because the PH of the mixture varies time to time. It also eliminates shock loading on the subsequent treatment system.

Feed Pumps : Now the effluents are pushed in to the Flash Mixer using high pressure feed pumps.

Flash Mixer ( Reaction Tank ) : In Flash mixer coagulants are added to the effluent in the proportion as mentioned below:

CoagulantQuantity / ValuePurpose
Lime800 – 1000 PPMTo correct the PH of the effluent up to 8 – 9
Alum200 – 300 PPMTo remove any color
Poly electrolyte0.2 PPMTo settle the suspended matters & reduce SS TSS
Proportion of the coagulants added in flash mixer ( Reaction tank )

Clarriflocculation & Tube Settler : In Clarriflocculator and tube settlers the is circulated continuously by the stirrer & over flowed water is taken out in to aeration tank. The solid particles are settled down and collected seperately and dried to reduce the TSS SS. Flocculation provides slow mixing that leads to the formation of macro flocs, which then settles down into the clarifier zone.

Primary Clarifier : The primary clarifier collects the biological sludge & overflowed water is known as treated effluent. The quality of the output water is checked as it has to be within the acceptable limits set by the government.

Sludge Tank : Sludge tank is used to collect the sludge then it is passed in to the filter press.

Filter press : Filter Press uses hydraulics to compress the sludge on high pressures in order to remove any effluent present in it. Then the chunks of dried sludge are disposed properly. The effluent extracted out form the filter press is again feed into the Equalization tank.

Sedimentation & Carbon Filtration : These are the additional systems which can be incorporated into the Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP ) to make the treated water smell & colorless.

Treated water Storage tanks : After all the steps the treated water is stored in to the tanks for reusing purpose or it can be safely discharged in to the environment without contaminating marine life.

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