Commercial Water Softener

Water softener are used to remove the hardness causing elements from the water with the help of ion exchange method. Presence of excessive amounts of salts in the water makes it hard, and it is responsible for the scale build ups in water heaters, taps & pipes.

If you live in the society where the hardness of the water is very high, you will observe that your soap or shampoo doesn’t lather enough & ends up in very less time. The another major problem with the hard water is that is drastically reduce the life span of Dishwashers, coffee makers & Ice cream machines.

Hard water can also cause itchy skin problems after bathing & leaves dents on your cloths & curtains. To get rid of all problems the only solution is to install water softener in your homes & offices.

We manufactures domestic & commercial water softeners of wide ranges form 250 LPH for small houses to 10,000 LPH for big industries. we are having 2000+ happy customers all over the india.

Commercial Water Softener

Benefits of water softener

Shinier Taps

Shinier Home & Taps

Water softener prevents scale formation on the taps & faucets , as soft water doesnt have any scale building minerals.

soft water on skin

Soft On Skin

Soft water makes your skin softer & glow. While hard water creates rashes on the skin & creates itching.

Bubblier Bath

Bubblier Baths

Detergents & Soaps works efficiently in soft water, as they generates more foam & lather. It results in less soap consumption.

Reduce plumbing maintenance costs

Less Maintenance Costs

As soft water prevents scale buildups in the pipes & taps , so it results in less plumbing maintenance costs.

Longer appliance life

Longer Appliances Life

Water softener drastically increase your water heater & dishwashers service life. Soft water is gentle on the delicate components of appliances.

Less soap consumption

Less Products Consumption

In soft water even small amounts of soaps & detergents produces high lather & works more efficiently in comparison to hard water.

Water Softener & Its Operating Principle

Water softener working
Water Softener during Normal Operation

Normal Mode

Water softeners have vessels filled with microscopic polymer beads called resin. Each microscopic bead is negative charged , while Magnesium ( MG+ ) and calcium ( CA+ ) carry positive charge in the water .

As the water passes through the negatively charged resin , all the positive ions of the water get trapped inside the resin. As a result the output water is pure & softened.

A multi port valve is fitted on the top of water softener vessel which is used to perform many operations such as Regeneration, Back flush & Service etc.

Water Softener Regeneration
Water Softener during Regeneration

Regeneration Mode

Water softeners needs to be Re-Generated in few days or as per the regeneration cycle. This process uses the brine ( Sodium Solution ) to detach the mineral buildup on the beads (Resin). Sodium has a charge strong enough to take the calcium and magnesium away, but not enough to cling to the resin itself.

This Brine solution is also needed in the ion exchange process during water softening operation, When the resin & vessel gets flushed with the brine solution , the softener is again ready to do its operations. The Magnesium & Calcium is flushed safely into the drain.

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