How RO Water Purifier Works ?

Working of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier

Today as we all know that pollution is increasing day by day. Our water bodies are getting polluted with the toxic chemicals generated by the various industries. This is responsible for the various diseases & RO Water Purifiers has become a necessity for every household. Water Purifiers provides safe drinking water free from viruses, bacteria & any toxic chemical. It also maintains proper TDS & PH value of the water within permissible limits as directed by WHO ( World Health Organization ).

Although there are many ways by which we can achieve pure drinking water , but Reverse Osmosis is considered as the best & advanced technologies today.

RO Water Purifier

5 Stages of RO Water Purifier

Most of the RO Water purifiers available today in market are equipped 5 stage water purification systems. These stages are mentioned below.

5 Stage RO water purifier

Sedimentation Filter

Water is first passed through the sedimentation filter which removes all the dirt, slit & fine dust particles. This stage is necessary as to protect the internal functioning of the RO water Purifier. We have to change this sedimentation filter once in a year to to ensure the longer life of the membrane.

Activated Carbon Filter

After sedimentation the water is passed through the Activated Carbon Filter. Activated Carbon has a natural tendency to attract the impurities. This stage makes the water odorless & colorless.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

All the magic happens at this stage. The water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane which allows only the essential minerals required for safe drinking water & the rest water is drained through the reject line. The treated water is passed to the next stage.

Mineral Cartridge

When water is passed through the mineral cartridge it regains its lost minerals which was removed at the previous stage. This ensures that the water we are drinking has the adequate amount of minerals which is required by our body.

Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment

This is the last stage of RO purification. At this stage water is exposed to the UV light to kill the viruses or bacteria which successfully passed through the reverse osmosis membrane. UV Light breaks the outermost protective shell of the viruses & makes them inactive.

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