What is Demineralised Water or DM Water ?

Last modified: 10/05/2020
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Demineralised water is a type of water which is free from all types of minerals like chloride , silica , potassium , calcium etc. The DM water is produced by one of the following processes :

  1. Distillation
  2. Deionization
  3. Membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nanofiltration)
  4. electrodyalisis
  5. Ion-Exchange Method

The Total dissolved Solids ( TDS ) value of ideal DM water is purely 0 Zero . The electrical conductivity of DM water is generally less than (< 0.1 mS/cm).

What are the uses of DM Water

Demineralization is typically reserved for the industries & processes requiring higher levels of water purity, such as cosmetics industries , Chemical manufacturing units or process streams used in electronics manufacture . The major industries in the list are :

  1. Power Industries : The water used in the boilers to generate the steam is generally DM water , to prevent the scale formation in boiler vents.
  2. Refinery : Refineries also use demineralized water, like in the power industry, to feed their high-pressure boilers.  Since many higher-pressure boilers require a higher quality of water with less contaminants than some lower-pressure boilers, demineralization by ion exchange or membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nanofiltration, mostly) is typically part of the water treatment train.
  3. Petrochemical and Chemical : Demineralised water can also be used to treat cooling tower blowdown in petrochemical industries.
  4. Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics : Demineralised and distilled water are used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics in order to control product quality and safety.
  5. Other industries : Demineralised water are both used for cleaning and rinsing applications across a wide variety of industries including chemical production, mining, as well as solvents in applications as diverse as electrocoating.

Why DM Water is not suitable for consumption

The DM water is not considered safe for drinking & cooking purposes due to the following mentioned reasons :

  1. Demineralised water is has very low or almost zero mineral content , which adversely affect our body’s metabolism in long run. It also makes bones weak when consumed regularly.
  2. Demineralised water has no taste or we can say it is tasteless. It also has poor  thirst-quenching characteristics.
  3. Demineralised water is highly aggressive.
  4. Its distribution through pipes and storage tanks is not possible because the aggressive water would leach metals and other materials from the pipes and other plumbing materials.

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