What is “well water” ?

Last modified: 10/05/2020
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The ground water taken out from the well is well water. A well is a structure or excavation in ground by digging it deep down to the water level . The oldest and most common kind of well is a water well, to access groundwater in underground aquifers.

Is it safe to drink well water ?

Most of the underground sources of water are safe but we have to test it time to time for its contamination. Because sometimes it has seen that animals fall into the well & their dead bodies contaminates the water. The deeper the well the less chances of its contamination.

The well water is also rich of minerals like calcium , potassium , chloride , etc . The minerals found in the water helps to maintain our body’s metabolism .

The contaminants found in the underground sources of water like well can seriously make you ill & cause vomiting . Use water filters & boil it prior to consume it as a precautionary step.

Well water
well water is safe for drinking purposes unless contaminated . The water from the underground aquifers tends to have a greater mineral content. we recommend you to filter & boil such type of water before consumption.

Types of water wells

Dug water wells

Hand-dug wells are excavations with diameters large enough to accommodate one or more people with shovels digging down to below the water table. The excavation braced horizontally to avoid landslide or erosion endangering the people digging. They lined with laid stones or brick , extending this lining upwards above the ground surface to form a wall around the well serves to reduce both contamination and injuries by falling into the well.

Driven water wells

Driven wells simply created in unconsolidated material with a well hole structure, which consists of a hardened drive point and a screen (perforated pipe). The point is simply hammered into the ground, with a tripod and driver, with pipe sections added as needed.

Drilled water wells

These wells are typically created using either top-head rotary style, table rotary, or cable tool drilling machines, all of which use drilling stems that are turned to create a cutting action in the formation, hence the term drilling. This type of wells excavated by simple hand drilling methods (augering, sludging, jetting, driving, hand percussion) or machine drilling (rotary, percussion, down the hole hammer). Deeprock rotary drilling method is most common. Rotary is used in 90% of formation types.

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