What is mineral water ?

Last modified: 10/05/2020
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Mineral water is a water which comes from mountains , Rivers & fresh sources of water.

Mineral water contains essential salts like Calcium , Magnesium & Sodium which are very important for our body to maintain its metabolism.

Below are mentioned reasons why Mineral Water is different sources of water.

mineral water
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What is mineral water ?

According to FDA ( Food & Drug Administration ) the TDS ( Total Dissolve Solids ) of the Mineral water should be less than 250 PPM ( Parts per million ).

As name represents Mineral Water contains high amount of dissolved salts like calcium , Magnesium , Sodium , Fluoride & Chloride.

The Mineral water has a great flavor of taste as compared to other sources of water like Tap Water , Ground water etc. ( Source )

Mineral Water is a form of water which contains proper amount of salts like sodium , Calcium , Chloride & Fluoride which are essential for our body . The mineral water has a TDS lower than 250 PPM ( parts per million ).

A reverse osmosis system can generate mineral water by passing the Ground water / Tap water through a semi-permeable membrane.

What are the health benefits of Mineral Water ?

Because Mineral water contains proper amounts of salts required by our body , so it has major benefits :-

Makes Our Bones Strong

Proper amount of Calcium in Water keeps our bones healthy & Strong. Calcium is required by body at all the stages of our life to maintain bone development & maintenance.

According to research on 255 postmenopausal women it is found that those who regularly drinks mineral water have higher bone density compared with who are drinking normal tap/ground water.

The Sodium bicarbonate and magnesium found in water also support bones and makes them stronger. ( Source 1 , Source 2 , Source 3 )

Helps in Maintaining Blood Pressure

According to a research it is proved that improper levels of sodium & Magnesium in Diet are major reason for high blood pressure, which leads to heart attack. ( Source 1, source 2, source 3 )

A recent study suggests that drinking mineral water high in magnesium & calcium reduces high blood pressures.

As Mineral Water is a good source of nutrients helps to lower the blood pressure levels , it is good for the peoples who are living at higher elevated levels.

In one 4 weeks study on 70 peoples with having high blood pressure found that drinking 34 ounces of mineral water helped him to lower their high levels of the blood pressure.

However, we have reviewed more than 20 researches & studies all are inconsistent . we need more research & studies which can prove the direct impact of mineral water on the blood pressure.

Beneficial for heart’s health

The properly carbonated water helps our immune system to fight with heart diseases.

Two researches on postmenopausal women found that drinking (1 – 1.5L ) of carbonated water per day significantly reduced levels of Bad cholesterol & Increase the levels of good cholesterol.

Another research states that higher levels of magnesium in mineral water reduces the chances of heart attack. ( Source )

These researches doesn’t claim promising results , so we need more studies in future to determine how mineral water affects the heart health.

Helps in constipation

Mineral water rich in magnesium helps in treating constipation.

According to a research magnesium helps in relaxing the intestines & makes stools softer which is easier to pass (Source).

In a 6 weeks research on 106 People with functional constipation found that drinking 500ml of magnesium and sulfate-rich water per day significantly improved bowel movement frequency and stool consistency (Source).

That said, taking adequate amount of mineral fluids helps our body to improves digestion & proper bowl movement. (Source 1Source 2).

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