Ideas to prevent Limescales

What is limescale ( Hardwater Scales ) ?

Limescales are the white patches of calcium carbonate appear on the buckets , Taps , faucet & Showers. This happens mainly due to presence of hard water in your supply . The deposition of scales will slowly erode the shine & polish of the metal due to this it adds costs of maintenance & replacement in longer run. so we should prevent limescales.

With these ideas you can easily prevent limescale formation on your Taps, faucets & showers.

Although hard water is not a problem for the human body, it can have devastating effects on plumbing, hot water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and many other household appliances. we should prevent limescales.

Hardwater limescales

Household costs of hardness and water softening

Hardness in drinking water has direct economic effects on households, because hard water requires more soap to produce lather and can cause staining in washed clothes.

Classifications of water hardness are found in Table 1. In estimating damages for residential water use in the United States, Tihansky (1974) estimated that water hardness accrued $6.13 billion in damages nationwide each year, largely due to costs from extra soap and detergents.

Additionally, hardness ions in water can build up in appliances and fixtures, reducing the lifespan of household appliances such as dishwashers, coffee makers, and washing machines (Godskesen et al. 2012, Van der Bruggen et al. 2009).

Degree of hardnessHardness in grains per gallon (gpg)Hardness in parts per million
(ppm) or mg/L CaCO3
Slightly hard1.0 – 3.517.1 – 60.0
Moderately hard3.51 – 7.060.1 – 120.0
Hard7.01 – 10.5120.1 – 180.0
Very hard10.5180.0
Standard water hardness classification (ASABE 1999).

Ideas to prevent limescales

Cleaning with vinegar to prevent limescales

vinegar to prevent limescales

Since the majority of hard water is calcium, it is highly reactive with acids like vinegar.

Place small fixtures that are covered in buildup into a bowl of hot, all-natural vinegar to dissolve the calcium deposit in about an hour. Another common hard water treatment recommendation for white film and spot problems on your appliances is using distilled vinegar. This will kill mold, bacteria, germs, and help clean dish-ware through regular wash cycles.

You may also notice a build-up of soap scum from hard water that vinegar can help with. A simple rinsing with 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts filtered water will do the trick.

Use of lemons to prevent limescales

Lemons to prevent limescales

Lemons contains citric acid which is a effective celaning chemical. The calcium carbonates reacts with citric acid to form calcium hydroxide + Water and hydrogen gas. Calcium hydroxide is easily washable with water.

So in order to clean the hardwater stains on the taps , showers , faucets etc. pour some lemon juice on it wash them thoroughly. wash with lemon juice once in a month to keep clean all the bathroom fitting & stuff. This is the effecttive way to prevent limescales.

Installation of Water Softener to prevent limescales [ Recommended ]

water softener to prevent limescales

Water softeners is a machine which convert hard water in to soft water. Hard water contain various types of salts in excessive amounts like calcium , magnesium , Sodium & Carbonates etc. which makes it undesirable for washing clothes , it also produces limescales on the bathroom fittings.

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